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Corrugated Metal Roofing

There are many reasons why corrugated tin roofs are popular among home builders and homeowners. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Low cost.
    Tin is considerably less expensive than other alternatives. Metal roofing prices are normally higher compared to other roofing choices but with corrugated tin roofs, you can take advantage of its long-lasting strength at a much lower price. As a matter of fact, all you’ll have to actually worry about with a corrugated tin roof is the labor cost involved with the installation.
  2. High-Strength to Weight Ratio.
    Since tin is essentially lightweight, it does not put a lot of strain on the foundations of a building or the supporting framework of a house when used as roofing material. Despite being lightweight, it is extremely durable and resistant to any forms of damage (partly because of its steel core). Though it’s not 100% rust-resistant, you can delay the formation of rust by applying or re-applying paint. The average lifespan of corrugated tin roofing is around 50 years, perhaps even more than that.
  3. Durable and Extremely Weather-Proof.
    Corrugated tin roofing is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, from hail to storms and hurricanes. It’s capable of contracting and relaxing when exposed to changes in heat levels. It’s also highly resistant to fire and is non-combustible. Contrary to popular belief, it’s very safe for houses built in lightning-prone areas.
  4. Environment-Friendly.
    Corrugated tin roofing is absolutely recyclable. As a matter of fact, in certain parts of the world, it’s not just used for roofing.
  5. Cost-effective.
    It only costs a small amount of money to procure and install corrugated tin roofing. Because it can reflect the sun’s rays (and heat), a corrugated tin roof can help reduce your energy bills.


Asphalt Shingles

A big advantage of asphalt roof shingles is their cost. They can efficiently be manufactured in high volumes, so are relatively inexpensive to produce. The installation cost of asphalt roof shingles is also relatively inexpensive compared to other materials.


Rubber Roofing

The advantages of rubber roofing are many. Rubber roofs are durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (they are often made of recycled materials). Another advantage of rubber roofs is that they require low maintenance, unlike wooden materials for example. But some differences exist between the two types of rubber roofs, with each having its own advantages.

When installing a rubber roof one should take into consideration the two options – a whole roof system or shingles. An entire roof covered with a large rolled rubber roofing piece is ideal for preventing any leakage whatsoever, as they have no seams in them. This may be a slightly more expensive option, but a wise decision for flat roof homeowners especially. Rubber roof shingles are authentic looking shingles that have all the advantages the rubber material provides, and are even lighter, making it easier to install.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A standing seam metal or copper roof boasts many qualities that account for its popularity.

Firstly, a standing seam roof requires next to no maintenance, and will not crack, shrink, erode, or perforate.

Secondly, standing seam roofing provides extreme weather protection, including durability against hail and rain, and resistance to high winds - it is the most stable form of roofing during hurricanes. Standing seam roofing is about 50-100% recyclable, and are fire resistant, meaning they won’t burn or support combustion, yet are still able to reflect the sun and reduce cooling costs. Their lightweight material does not require additional framing, which means extra roof space for you.

And finally, a standing seam metal roof is fairly quiet - the same noise level as asphalt, clay, or wood.




Copper Roofing

Copper is without question one of the best of all premium roofing products. It has been in use for thousands of years. It's continually changing beauty over time has long been a favorite to those lucky enough to live under a copper roof. Some of the advantages of copper are. 

  • A copper roof is virtually maintenance free.
  • Can be used next to a body of salt water.
  • Has outstanding wind resistance, and earthquake resistance.

Copper Accents

CrossKeys built its reputation on excellent copper work - so your needs, no matter how big or small, can be met here!



Construction Services

We began to realize that our clients needed people they could trust to do quality construction projects.  So, we are pleased to help you with your next project!

Vinyl Siding
Aside from improving the appearance of the home and being nearly maintenance free, vinyl siding offers many other advantages. Vinyl siding is an affordable alternative to other types of siding which offers style, easy care and durability. Because it requires fewer resources to manufacture and maintain, and because it is recyclable, vinyl siding is also an environmentally friendly option. 

Replacement Windows
One of the single best ways to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home is by replacing the windows. Replacement window costs are surprisingly reasonable.

If you have an older home with wood framed windows, you are probably losing a lot of energy through the glass and through air leaks around the frame itself. You can replace the windows with new wood sashes, but you may want to look at insulated aluminum or at the today’s most popular replacement window, the vinyl framed replacement window. They can be ordered in almost any color, and are maintenance free once they have been installed.

Small Additions
CrossKeys Copper, LLC will work with you to create a beautiful addition to your home. Home additions may expand an existing room, add new rooms, and add additional stories or a new deck or patio.